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Email: VAB@hillsclerk.com

  1. The taxpayer objects to the Property Appraiser's value assessment of the taxpayer's
    real or personal property.
  2. The taxpayer's application for any of the following exemptions or special use classifications
    is denied:
      ·homestead exemption
      ·any other tax exemption as provided by Chapter 196, Florida Statutes or
      ·any special use classification as provided by Chapter 193, Florida Statutes.
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ALL 2017 PETITIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE OFFICE OF THE VALUE ADJUSTMENT BOARD (VAB) BY the DEADLINE date printed on the bottom of the PA Denial Letter (for exemption and greenbelt denials) or the bottom of the TRIM notice (for value issues and taxpayers who forgot to apply for greenbelt classification).  ONLINE FILING WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AFTER THE TRIM DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 12, 2017.

·       Pursuant to Rule 12D-9.015(11)(a), if filing after the deadline, the petitioner must show "good cause" for filing a petition late.  An optional form to Request to File with VAB after the Statutory Deadlines can be found at:  http://www.hillsclerk.com/-/media/Hillsclerk/Forms/VAB/Late-File-Petition-Request.pdf?la=en.

·       Pursuant to Rule 12D-9.015(2), agents must provide their license number on the petition or must provide a letter of authorization from the taxpayer.  Pursuant to House Bill 499, letters of authorization must be for the current tax year.  The letter of authorization may be e-mailed to VAB@hillsclerk.com, faxed to (813) 272-5044, or mailed to:  VAB, 419 Pierce Street, Room 140, Tampa, FL 33602.  Please provide the Petition Number with all correspondence.

·       Contiguous parcels approved by the Property Appraiser, tax deferrals, and back-tax petitions cannot be filed online.

·       A valid e-mail address is required to electronically submit a petition online.  When complete, a transaction receipt will be e-mailed, which will provide the transaction and PIN numbers enabling you to log into this site to track your petition.

·       IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT 813-276-8100 EXT. 4354 or via e-mail at VAB@hillsclerk.com.


*IF USING INTERNET EXPLORER 11 and having problems submitting a petition, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on Tools

2. Open the Compatibility View Settings menu

3. In "Add this website", type hillsclerk.com, if it is not already there, then click "Add."

4. Close the settings window

5. Refresh the VAB home page

6. File your petition



Required Partial Payment of Taxes To Avoid Denial Of Your Petition (Section 194.014, F.S.)

For properties that have a value adjustment board petition, State law requires a partial payment of taxes, and a full payment of non-ad valorem assessments, before the payment delinquency date. The payment delinquency date is normally April 1 following the assessment year under review, but this date can vary. If the required partial payment is not made before the delinquency date, the value adjustment board will deny your petition. The last day to make the partial payment before the delinquency date is generally March 31. Review your tax bill or contact your tax collector to determine your delinquency date.

Petitioners should be aware that even if a special magistrate’s recommended decision has been issued, a partial payment is still required before the delinquency date. A special magistrate’s recommended decision is not a final decision of the value adjustment board. A partial payment is not required only if the value adjustment board makes a final decision on a petition before April 1. The payment amount depends on the type of petition filed on the property. The partial payment requirements are summarized below. 

Value Appeals:


For petitions on the value of property (and for petitions about portability), the payment before the delinquency date must include:

·   All of the non-ad valorem assessments, and

·   A partial payment of at least 75 percent of the ad valorem taxes,

·   Less applicable discounts under s. 197.162, F.S.

Other Assessment Appeals:


For petitions on the denial of a classification or exemption, or based on an argument that the property was not substantially complete on January 1, the payment before the delinquency date must include:

·   All of the non-ad valorem assessments, and

·   The amount of the ad valorem taxes the taxpayer admits in good faith to owe,

·   Less applicable discounts under s. 197.162, F.S.